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Resources and Reports

A partially randomised approach (PRA) to funding allocation: full report

Access the full report: read about our recent trial of PRA during the 2023-24 Enhancing Research Culture open call.

Including Research Culture in proposals

We have created sway guides to encourage researchers to think more deeply about Research Culture and EDI as part of their research planning and proposals.

Covid-19 impacts on research culture: practices to take forward

Read our report to help develop an improved post-pandemic research culture and environment that will not only be more resilient during business as usual, but also during times of future challenge or disruption.

Responsible Metrics Sway

This Sway resource will introduce you to using bibliometrics responsibly during recruitment and promotion scenarios.

Decolonising Research

Find out more about Decolonising Research across the University.

Case Studies, Initiatives, Projects and Practice

A partially randomised approach (PRA) to funding allocation: Sway

Access the Sway summary: read about our recent trial of PRA during the 2023-24 Enhancing Research Culture open call.

Using SCOPE to select metrics to track improvements in Research Culture

Cat Davies (Dean for Research Culture) and Shareefa Fadhel (Project Manager), reflect on the University of Leeds’ process for identifying ways to measure changes in its research culture, focusing on a recent workshop that generated our metrics.

Insight: Reward & Recognition in UK Higher Education

Written overview of a presentation given by Professor Cat Davies, Dean for Research Culture, on Reward and Recognition

Case Study: A new approach to interviews, can we improve the experience?

Is there a better way to conduct interviews that gives candidates every opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of their knowledge and suitability for the role – and that creates a level playing field?

Strength in Diversity: How to build a case for positive action recruitment

This case study shares the award-winning work of the team at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics to implement positive action recruitment on their Data Scientist Development Programme.

How to use your 10 days career development time

Example of a career development plan written by Ruth Winden, Careers with Research Consultant, University of Leeds

Best practice carousels

Access recordings of our previous events (requires University of Leeds login)