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Research Culture

Research culture describes the environment in which research and innovation happens. It includes the ways in which we collaborate, communicate and interact; the behaviours, expectations, attitudes and values that shape how our research is developed, conducted, disseminated, and used; and the mechanisms by which our work is recognised and rewarded.

At the University of Leeds, we recognise and value everyone involved in research.  Participants; our collaborators and partners; academic, research and technical staff; colleagues in professional services; students, and those in many other diverse roles within the University all make essential contributions. Together we arrange, enable, conduct, and participate in research.

We believe that all members of our research community have a role to play in developing and promoting a positive and inclusive research culture, here you can find out more about the work we are doing to support Research Culture, our progress in our Research Culture Roadmap, and how you can get involved.

You can contact us at:

Research Culture at The University of Leeds

Find out more

Research Culture Statement

Details of our original Research Culture Statement


How you can get involved: Open funding calls, Awards, Prizes, Projects

Research Culture Pulse Surveys

Help us measure and evaluate our progress by completing our pulse surveys, ensure your feedback makes a difference.

How to....

Examples of case studies, initiatives, projects and best practice for enhancing Research Culture. Access reports, guides and resources supporting our work.

Open Research Hub

Supporting open research practice for collaborative working, sharing and openness throughout the entire research cycle, ensuring research is “as open as possible, as closed as necessary”.

Responsible Metrics

Learn about the supporting role that quantitative metrics can play in research assessment.

Research Culture committee papers: Available to view

Papers from governance groups in research culture are available for the University of Leeds community to view

Meet the Team

Meet the people and governance groups supporting Cat as Dean for Research Culture


Catch up on all previous issues of our Research Culture newsletters

Technician Commitment

Find out more about the Technician Commitment which aims to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians working in HE and research, across all disciplines.

Get Involved

Join the Research Culture Community

Click here to join the Research Culture MS Team.

Participate in a Research Culture Café

Held every 2 months either in-person or online on a range of topics


Research Culture Cafés - 2024

The Cafés form part of our ongoing work to promote a positive research culture, and the discussions will help to...

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