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Decolonising Research

As an extension to the University of Leeds Decolonising Framework, the Decolonising Research Framework sets out a working definition of decolonising research, together with key principles, values, and broad actions for the community.

Decolonising Research Framework

Report developed by Decolonising Research Task and Finish Group providing context, principles and community actions to decolonise research.

This document is accessible to University of Leeds staff only; if you are external to Leeds and would like to request a copy of the Framework, please contact

What does the Decolonising Research Framework mean for me?

A set of guidelines for different job types and job roles to inspire collective action towards decolonising research.

Decolonising Research Initiatives

Examples of decolonising research to guide colleagues and create a culture of collaborative learning about decolonised research.

Support for decolonising research

Guide to seeking support for decolonising research including training provision, library services, PGR resources and public engagement advice.
We are grateful to the Decolonising Research Task and Finish Group who developed the Decolonising Research Framework. This group of academics and professional services staff met between November 2021 and September 2022. The group’s role was to initiate and expand the conversation on decolonisation at the University, rather than governing or finalising it. The group informally consulted academics who work on decolonising research within and outside of the University of Leeds and included feedback from the DoRI Forum and the EDI Deans. The Decolonising Research Framework was approved at the Research Culture Steering Group (October 2022) and was endorsed by the University’s Research and Innovation Board (April 2023).
Faculty / Service School / Division / Service Name Role(s) relevant to decolonisation
AHC School of Languages, Cultures & Societies Cat Davies Dean for Research Culture
AHC School of Media and Communication Kate Nash  Faculty E&I lead
AHC School of Music Luke Windsor Dean Doctoral College
ENV School of Geography Arjan Gosal Decolonising Academic Lead
ENV School of Earth and Environment Anuszka Maton-Mosurska Sustainability Research Institute (PGR)
EPS School of Chemistry Paul Taylor Dean for Student Education (Experience)
FBS School of Molecular and Cellular Biology Mahetab Amer EDI representative; Faculty of Biological Sciences
FMH School of Psychology Siobhan Hugh-Jones Associate Professor in Mental Health Psychology; Co-lead of Leeds Interdisciplinary Mental Health Research Network
FSS School of Sociology and Social Policy Ipek Demir Director of the Centre for Racism and Ethnicity (CERS) and Chair of the Decolonising Research T&F group
FSS School of Politics and International Relations Lata Narayanaswamy Associate Professor in the Politics of Global Development
FSS School of Law Iyiola Solanke Dean EDI (former)
Library Research Support Team Sally Dalton Library Research Support Advisor
LITE Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence Femi Owolade LITE Fellow on projects centred on BAME awarding gap and decolonisation
LUBS Work and Employment Relations Kate Hardy EDI Lead; Leeds University Business School
LUBS Leeds University Business School Yingqi (Annie) Wei Deputy Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation
SES Educational Engagement Sally Osei-Appiah PGR Diversity Lead (Student Success)
Professional Services Business Change Team Karen Ritchie Project management support