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Pulse Surveys

Over the coming year the Research Culture Team will be producing a number of pulse surveys that we need the research community to complete. These surveys play a vital part in the work to create a positive and inclusive research culture. They will help us better understand how our current culture is experienced, the confidence the research community has in the University to improve the culture, and help identify the areas most in need of improvement.

Our surveys will cover six themes, each aligned to our Research Culture priorities:

  • valuing and recognising diverse forms of research activity
  • embedding EDI principles in research practices
  • enabling open research practices
  • mutually supporting and developing research teams
  • research integrity
  • concordats, commitments and engagement

How do they work?

Our surveys are designed to be short and easy to complete, taking no more than 5 minutes.  Each survey will be repeated twice over the year to help us evaluate and measure our progress.  The surveys will be conducted and analysed via Culture Amp, a survey platform that helps organisations gather feedback and drive development and positive change, it is the same platform we used for the Employee Engagement survey.

We have identified people with roles either in delivering or supporting the delivery of research. Culture Amp will email you a link to complete the surveys. You will be asked to what extent you agree with statements about various aspects of the Research Culture here at Leeds on a 5 point scale.

Surveys will be open for one month at a time and your survey responses will be confidential - no survey response will be able to be traced back to an individual by anyone at the University of Leeds. At the end of each survey you will be asked some demographic questions to help us better understand the responses.  All of these questions have a 'prefer not to answer' option.

Taking part in this series of surveys is an easy way of contributing to improving our Research Culture, make sure you have your say!

If you are interested in getting more involved in helping to deliver a Research Culture beyond participating in the pulse survey project, then please join the Research Culture Teams Space where there are opportunities to participate in events and discussions to help shape what we want our Research Culture to be.

Sharing and using the results

Results of each survey will be analysed and shared in the Research Culture Community (MS Teams) within a month of the survey closing. They will be used to help monitor the actions in the research culture strategy

Access the Results (from October 2023)

Click here to join the Research Culture MS Team

Resources supporting Research Culture

Useful links to our statements, strategies, policies and guides referenced in the pulse survey questions

Need help?

Should you have any questions about Culture Amp, please click the following link to see common participant FAQs.

Survey invitations will be sent to people in roles that either deliver or support the delivery of research.  In our attempt to be as inclusive as possible, we may include colleagues who feel the surveys are not relevant to their role. If you would rather not take part in the survey project, then please email us and we will remove you from receiving invites to future surveys. Equally if you have not received an invite or know of colleagues that have not received an invite, again, please email us and we will have an invite to the current and future surveys sent.

If you have any trouble accessing the surveys, need your submission reset or survey link resending, or any of the above or other issues, please email using the words "Pulse Survey" in your email subject line.